Førtifem is a Parisian based duo formed by Jessica Daubertes and Adrien Havet. 

Both former graphic designers with a background in advertising, Adrien and Jessica decided to combine their skills under the name Førtifem in 2012. Focusing on illustration and art direction, working with a total of four hands, from this union has emerged a style midway between striking tattoo drawings and detailed ancient engravings. 

Førtifem is a dying breed of craftsmen who still enjoy working with their hands rather than digitally. This can be seen and felt through their meticulous drawing technique.

In addition to exhibiting their work in various art exhibitions, they also work on a regular basis with creative agencies, brands and various music artists for whom they enjoy designing their album covers. Some of their well-known clients include Le Monde Magazine, Jägermeister, Fishermans friend and Redbull.