Func’88 is a graphic designer, a graffiti writer and an illustrator based in Paris. 

Growing up in the 80’s, he was immersed into Bmx & Skateboarding culture which inspired him to develop a passion for graphic design and illustration. Self taught, he naturally free-lanced and collaborated on a various range of projets for different brands including Carhartt, Vans, Nike, Starcow etc.

He has worked in the musical industry for almost 15 years, designing various works for a wide range of artists, and creating promotional materials such as flyers and album covers.

During the same time, he focused and developed his own projects which ranged from designing collectibles, prints, and skateboards.

Func'88 has always remained faithful to the influences of his youth. He now works as an art director for BasementHill distribution where he adds his touch to various brands such as Haze Wheels, Creepn’Crawl Skts, Pvlsar Bearings, Curb Sucker, Screwheads....