Since 1987 when he started writing his name on walls until now, Druide practices all disciplines of graffiti, throw-ups, silver block letters, freestyles and ink handstyles from streets, trains or trucks to legal artworks.

In the late 80's, his favorite playground naturally became the streets of Paris and its subway system (Metro), where he quickly emerged as one of the most active writers. Druide is famous to hit and cover high visible places such as trucks, roof tops and shop doors of the french capital with his iconic tag, which has become a respected trademark.

In the late 2000’s he moved to Asia where his name became visible around different cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nanjing, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok...

Since 2016, Druide has been exploring a medium which he knows too well, but this time in a different context: metal shutters and corrugated metal roofing sheets have become his new canvas'. Working with acid and similar cleaning products to the ones used by street cleaners to "buff" graffiti, he creates original artworks that look like they have been literally "taken" from the streets.